The Munch

A munch is a casual gathering in a restaurant or bar where people can meet and interact in a no-pressure environment.   Come out, grab some food or drink and chill with like  minded people!

I still remember my first munch, and the fact that I just stood there, and felt like an idiot for being so shy. The people were the nicest and friendliest people I’ve ever met. I’ve found resources and been able to speak to people about my kink, without fear of confrontation or judgement. The amount of tolerance and openness is cannot be measured, and the discussions that can be overheard make me smile and feel at home.
— Ve-ra, TNG member since  about 2009

Munches are held on the second Monday of every month and start at 7:00pm (end time?  Depends on traffic flow.  If you can get there before 10:30, you’ll be fine).  For 2018 we’ll be meeting on the following days. Please always double check with our event postings to make sure of the dates and venue.

Jan 8th          Feb 12th          Mar 12th          Apr 9th          May 14th          Jun 11th

 Jul 9th          Aug 13th          Sep 10th          Oct 8th          Nov 12th          Dec 10th

…if you’re imagining that everyone there is painfully hip and aloof, don’t.   It’s a friendly, dorky, enthusiastic mix of folk.
— Blaze Orange, TNG member since about 2007

The main philosophy governing our rules is “be discreet, respectful, and use common sense.”

  • Use common sense. If in doubt, don’t do it — it’s probably not appropriate.
  • No public display of toys.
  • No play. This is not a fetish event, have your clothing and behaviour reflect this.
  • Respect the venue, staff, and your fellow attendees.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone attending is outed. Please be discreet in outside conversation.
  • We have a strict no harassment policy.  Please show respect to any boundaries that are set.  If you’re feeling uncomfortable, or threatened by another’s behaviour,  please come speak to an organizer.
  • The munch is  restricted to people between the ages of 18-35.   TNG’ers may bring their older partners with them as guests, however people outside of that age range attending on their own will be asked to leave
A note on photography at munches:  We recongize that sometimes people want to snap some pictures to share with the world (#foodporn anyone?) , however we also recognize that some people have very real concerns with being outted.  Therefore we will allow pictures at the munch under conditions:  First, no, this is not a venue that’s appropriate for a photo shoot.  Second, you must have expressed (verbal) permission for everyone in the frame both to take the picture and to post to anywhere.

Don’t worry too much about memorizing the rules; if in doubt, don’t do it until you can ask a host!

Almost everyone is nervous their first time, but relax – we’re friendly!  Feel free to come a bit before 7pm to meet the organizers before things get busy.    You’re also welcome to contact us and let us know to keep an eye out for you.  If you have questions, check out the FAQ first, then feel free to get in touch with one of the organizers for answers.


We’re currently looking for permanent place. Please check out our event posting to see which venue we’re currently at.


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